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£389+vat 18th - 19th October
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Get NVQ qualified for an additional £129+vat

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Massage Courses London

  • An essential skill for any Massage Therapist

  • Earn up to £60 per hour

  • Essential module of the NVQ Level 3 curriculum

  • Suitable for both male and female clients

  • Pays back fast - minimal set up costs

  • Enables you to obtain public liability insurance

The two day massage course also includes how to massage the additional areas of the face and scalp and how to use infra-red heat, gyratory machines and audio-sonic vibration.

Get NVQ qualified with Carlton Institute massage courses London.

Once you successfully complete our massage courses in London you will receive The Carlton Institute diploma. This will enable you to obtain public liability insurance.

back_massageBody Massage Course Content

Day 1 of our massage courses

  • Contra-indications
  • Benefits of massage
  • Massage mediums
  • Classification of massage movements
  • Massage sequence
  • Massage aftercare


Day 2 of our massage courses

  • Pre-massage treatments
  • Vibratory massagers
  • Massage sequence for chest, face and scalp
  • Practical assessment

What will I receive when I complete the course?

Once you successfully complete the body massage course you will receive The Carlton Institute Diploma.  This will enable you to obtain public liabiliy insurance.

Get NVQ / IIHHT qualified and improve your employability

You can also obtain an NVQ / IIHHT qualification in body massage course.

  • Externally accredited qualifications increase your chances of getting jobs as employers recognise these qualifications as work ready in the same way as GCSE's and A levels in other subjects.
  • Accredited qualifications are recognised both nationally and internationally e.g. NVQ's in England & Wales and SVQ's in Scotland. The opportunity to work abroad or on cruise ships is significantly increased by having these qualifications accredited externally.
  • You will be able to obtain public liability insurance.
  • Some advanced courses require an accredited qualification as a pre-requisite for the course. 

How much will it cost to do my NVQ / IIHHT qualification?

NVQ Accreditation Fee - £129+vat
IIHHT Accreditation Fee - £129+vat

There is also a one off fee to register you with each external awarding body (e.g. currently £16 for VTCT), this needs to be paid for your first course only. Registration fee that we pay to our Awarding Body on your behalf.

You must register for you NVQ / IIHHT within 8 weeks from the start of your course.  The NVQ / IIHHT fee covers:

  • Marking and assessing your portfolio
  • Study and assignment notes.
  • Theory exams.
  • The time taken for and the uses of equipment and products at your practical assessment.
  • The fees we pay to the external awarding body for your certification and testing materials.

Locations for massage courses London

The Body Massage course is will be held at Ray Cochrane School of Beauty, 118 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TT.

Entry requirement for Body Massage Training Course

No previous experience is required for our Body Massage course.

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